Remote Maintenance

Now you can have your own personal IT staff for your own home or business. Through a simple installation, we can take care of your computer maintenance needs, remotely. We can schedule a recurring monthly maintenance while you’re away or while you watch.

We believe in security and privacy. Our software is highly secure, free from hackers and viruses. Our software also is controllable from your computer. Rest assured that your privacy is intact. And while we work, you can watch everything we do.

With our monthly remote maintenance we will:

  • Update antivirus/antispyware programs and ensure they are running properly
  • Install all current Microsoft Security updates
  • Perform tune-up of entire computer system
  • Install all known security patches
  • Adjust computer settings for best performance
  • Perform disk defragmentation (as needed)
  • Perform hardware testing and analysis
  • Perform and Maintain routine Data backups of your computer
  • Send a report on what we did to your email as well as any hardware issues you maybe facing

Remote maintence prices

  • $15.00 /month for the first computer**
  • $10.00/month for each additional computer up to 5 PCs
  • $15.00 Remote Device ie printer, scanner , external hard drive, ect
  • $170.00/year for 1 year subscription
  •  $115.00/year each for additional computers
  •  Small business and group discounts anything over 5 computers will be at special rates**

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